Thursday, August 17, 2017

Musical Choreographer Needed!

Hello everyone! We hope everybody is having a great summer. We have an amazing leadership opportunity available for our spring musical!

Our choreographer is looking for a student from our program to help out, and even choreograph numbers out of the show! She can't make it to all of the dance rehearsals and needs a responsible student to teach when she is gone. She wants to spend a lot of our first semester teaching the student how to choreograph, so please let any of the execs or Mrs Powell know ASAP if you're interested. Keep in mind that if you are interested in being the assistant choreographer, your focus will be on choreography, due to the amount of responsibility and work that goes along with the role. If you are the assistant choreographer, it is recommended that you not audition for the show itself. If you do wish to still be in the musical, your part would be minimal.

Contact any of the execs on Facebook and/or Mrs Powell at 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Boys vs Girls Director Wanted!!

The first show of the year, the Boys vs Girls Fundraiser, wants YOU to direct! If you are interested, here is a director application, which is also found in the forms tab.

The form needs to be printed, filled out, and turned in to Mrs Powell by 2pm on September 8th, which is the first Friday of the school year. It is very important to know who is directing before drama club starts so they have a week to prepare for auditions.

Any questions can be sent to Mrs Powell at

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Beginning of the Year Parent Meeting

The 2017-2018 school year is going to be a big one, and our program could not succeed without the help of our parent volunteers. To keep your parents updated, there is a parent meeting October 12th from 7-8pm in the Black Box.

This meeting is not mandatory, but it is very helpful to keep parents in the loop. Students are welcome but are not required to come.

Crew Heads/Trainees Meeting

There is a MANDATORY meeting for all Meadowdale Drama crew heads September 11th from 3-4pm in the Black Box. 

Bring your trainees so we can discuss leadership and expectations, as well as divvying responsibilities throughout the year.

Senior Leaders Meeting

The Meadowdale Players is introducing a new communication and bonding outlet that we are calling our drama families. Every senior is a senior leader to a family, and are expected to be leaders in drama, keep updated on what's happening, and be able to reach out to the underclassman members of their families with events and opportunities.

There is a MANDATORY Senior Leaders meeting September 7th from 2-3pm in the Black Box where we will be going over expectations and answering any questions about the drama families.