Friday, January 19, 2018

I.E. workshops

Here are the dates and times that I will be working with I.E. pieces. I still need to get  a time to work with the small group number.
Come prepared with your music and rubric that I gave you!


-        2-3pm Peter & Katie Duet

-        2-3pm Amelia solo

-        3-4pm Elle solo & mono.

-        4-5pm Ethan solo


-        2-3pm Emma & Patrick duet


-        2-3pm Kateara song & mono.

-        3-4pm Mikey song

-        4-5pm Oliver mono.


-        2-3pm Tori, Brandon, Alex, and Sophie

Friday, January 5, 2018

State Forms Still Needed!!!!!!!!! Check the lists!!

Hey all! Even though it seems far away, the State Thespian Festival is fast approaching. Originally we heard a lot of people who were interested but only some people have turned in forms. If you don't know how to get a form, go to the form page and print and fill out the blank field trip form to turn into Mrs Powell ASAP! If you don't know specifications about state ask Mrs Powell. Check these two lists to make sure you are one one of them if you want to go to State.

Here are the people who turned in a form:
Caleb walker
Grace lucas
Jaelin rapp
Marc valle
Maya nuno
Emma spengler
Michael frary
Kateara utley
Steven modzelewski
Indigo sedgwick
Suk-joon suh
Ethan walker
Bradford weber
Ryan grachan
Elle fisher
Conor mclaughlin
Jasmine bolder
Patrick may
Ivy anderson
Alex smith
Obse dinsa
Sophie stocker
Victoria martinson
Selena lopez
Audrey Davies
Peter Davies
Katie Dreessen
Eliott greenleaf
Oliver greenleaf
Ashton akers
Mikaela jones
Taylor Diaz
Bella Horvath
Adi Mcgaughy
Brandon Tomchick
*Tiffany San Pedro

Here are the people who expressed interest but still need to turn in a form:
Katherine rimar
Alyssa gazaryants
Charlotte apple
Sofia nuno
Jackson adams
Amelia chambers
David kretz
Claudia marr
Sam smith
Carli bates
Jazmine chambers
Eliett anderson
Axl blair
Vincent ferguson
Nathan lopez
Valerie lopez
Tina sanaee
*Max hough
Emma johnson
*Jeevan Southwick