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Legally Blonde Actor Bios!

Please fill out the actor bio here. Actor bios are due on Saturday, March 3rd. The hard deadline in which Ivy will not take your actor bio is Saturday, March 17th. Ivy is not responsible to remind you to fill this out nor will she write it for you unless you ask. 
If you have any questions, text Ivy at (801) 550-5771.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Improv Teams!!!

Hey all! Fantastic auditions yesterday. We've got some funny people here at MHS drama!

The Jet City Team will compete in the Jet City competition.

Jet City Team
Captains: Marc Valle and Oliver Greenleaf
Eliott Greenleaf
OJ Davies
Jeevan Southwick
Peter Davies
Brandon Tomchick
Sophie Stocker

The Friendly Team will host the friendly improv nights with other schools and will NOT be competing in the Jet City competition.

Friendly Team
Captains: Eliott Greenleaf and OJ Davies
Patrick May
David Kretz
Ethan Walker
Emma Spengler
Alex Smith
Sam Smith
Allie Louch
Tiffany San Pedro
Sam Harris

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Exec 2018-2019 Application

Fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM to apply to be a 2018-2019 exec!

The application will be closed Friday Feb 23

Cabaret Production Photos

Hey guys! It's Peter. I had my camera with me and decided to take some pics during tech week for my own archival purposes, but I decided to share them with you guys if you want them!

There's the google drive folder.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cabaret MC List/Announcements and Schedule

Hey everyone! Last day of tech is tomorrow which means we need to stay ON TASK and FOCUSED all day! Here is the rough schedule

2:10-2:30 tech run (doing all the set transitions)
2:30-3:30 Mic check and warm ups
        There will be a provided dinner break around 5:30
6:00-7:00 SECOND RUN
7:00-8:00 additional work

Please let Katie, Peter, or Indigo know if you cannot stay until 8. We will assume that everyone can make it until we are told otherwise.

MC LIST - make sure you PRACTICE THESE - you cannot be glued to the words

Eliott           FOR “MAGIC TO DO”
The musical Pippin is about a young man who goes on a theatrical journey to find himself. The opening of the show starts with a promise of “Magic To Do”, with foreshadowing of what lies ahead in the story. The players have a chance in this opening number to set the stage for a night of adventures and self-discovery

Emma J          FOR “MATCHMAKER”
Fiddler on the Roof has been an American classic since it debuted on Broadway in 1964. Changing the perspective from young women to young men further pushes the feeling of unease and unwillingness that many young women felt when it comes to arranged marriage. The song “Matchmaker”, with Marc Valle as Chava, Oliver Greenleaf as Tzietel, and Eliott Greenleaf as Hodel, sets a comedic tone to the culture of arranged marriages in early 1900’s Jewish settlements.
          (debuted = day-byood; Valle = valley; Chava = hah-vuh; Tzietel = t-sigh-tull; Hodel = haw-dull)

Kateara           FOR “WHAT A GAME”
1902 was a prosperous year for upperclass America - Henry Ford was making cars, Booker T Washington was changing the African American expectation, and life was booming to the music of ragtime. The 1996 musical Ragtime centered around the racial tension of the time, and the song “What a Game” - although it serves as a respite from the heavy subject material - shows how that tension even seeped into favorite American pastimes. In the song, wealthy explorer and inventor Father - played by Taylor Diaz - takes his young son Edgar - played by Bella Horvath - to a baseball game.
          (respite = reh-spit)

Oliver           FOR “IN MY OWN LITTLE CORNER”
Before it was one of Disney’s most acclaimed movies, the story of Cinderella - tonight played by Michael Frary - was already a tale spread across hundreds of cultures. The young servant girl who dreams big despite her unfortunate circumstances resonates with all of us, and Rodger and Hammerstein’s musical has been enchanting audiences since 1957. “In My Own Little Corner” is a sweet tribute to dreams, from the simplest desires to the grandest fantasies.
          (Hammerstein = ha-mer-stine)

One of the jewels in America’s musical crown is the 1934 classic Anything Goes. Beloved by all, the show follows conmen, ingenues, stowaways, tappers, and more, all trying to get along on the same cruise ship. With so many characters, the sailors on the ship tend to feel a little left out of the action. Sofia Nuno, Audrey Davies, Emma Spengler, Hana Berisha, and Kateara Utley will be playing the sailors, who lament about their seafaring woes in “There’ll Always Be a Lady Fair”.
          (ingenues = on-gen-ues)

Monty Python’s The Holy Grail is a comedy classic no matter what side of the pond you’re from. With gags ranging from the sword Excalibur to a man-eating rabbit, the beloved film was ripe for Broadway in 2005. One of the token characters of the musical Spamalot is the Lady of the Lake, tonight portrayed by Ethan Walker, who is always there to help. In “The Song That Goes Like This”, the Lady of the Lake partners with the new knight Galahad, played by Taylor Diaz, in a power ballad poking fun at the musical theatre trope of power ballads that will live on through the ages.

David           FOR “I BELIEVE IN YOU”
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying was a musical that was bound to be an automatic classic when it first debuted on Broadway in 1961. A satirical take on how to climb the American corporate ladder, the show has to this day remained a favorite of theaters around the nation. J. Pierpont Finch, played by Hana Berisha, starts out as a humble window washer and by the end of the show has an office, a fiance, and everything he could have ever dreamed of - one way or another. “I Believe in You” takes the audience inside the mind of our narcissistic hero as he gives himself some very… needed advice.

Conor         FOR “NO TIME AT ALL”
Once more from the musical Pippin, “No Time At All” highlights Eliott Greenleaf who will be playing Berthe, the sweet and lovable grandmother to the protagonist, Pippin, being played by Sophie Stocker. Berthe reminds Pippin that sometimes the most important things in life aren’t the biggest battles and the tallest crowns, but rather the little things that make life worth living.
          (Berthe = bur-thuh)

Kate           FOR “DO YOU LOVE ME”
Although marriages in Fiddler on the Roof are arranged, that doesn’t mean there isn’t love. Father to the girls in “Matchmaker”, Tevye, played by Kateara Utley, begins to see the world from a different perspective. Once valuing tradition, maybe the passionate dairy farmer will begin to see and understand the priorities of his young daughters. In the song “Do You Love Me?”, Tevye asks his wife Golde, played by Conor McLaughlin, if she loves him.
          (Tevye = teh-vyuh; Golde = goal-duh)

Once again from the musical Spamalot, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” is very similar to the light-hearted musical number of the same name from another Monty Python classic Life of Brian. At the time of the song in the musical, things are looking grim for our hero King Arthur, played by Kate Khilfeh - he’s nowhere near finding the grail, his knights are nowhere to be found, and he’s lost in a dark forest. His trusty servant, Patsy, played by Audrey Davies, reminds him that, no matter how bad things get, there’s always a bright side to every situation.
          (Khilfeh = kill-fay)


If there has ever been a movie better suited for stage, it was 2005’s Kinky Boots. Following a struggling shoe factory and it’s less than optimistic owner, the factory partners with a league of drag queens to revamp their style and save the business. Lauren, played by Marc Valle, is a factory employee who, in her song “History of Wrong Guys”, realizes that her feelings for her shy and quirky boss are beginning to evolve.

Mikeala           FOR “COME TO A PARTY”
The musical Dogfight tells the story of Eddie, a marine fresh out of training and ready for action played by Sofia Nuno, and Rose, a shy waitress played by David Kretz, who create an unlikely bond. In “Come to a Party”, Eddie is trying to find the ugliest date to bring to a party in order to win a bet with his buddies. He flirts with Rose, trying to convince her to come, and she is excited for her first date. What originally starts with cruel intentions ends with something deeper.

Marc           FOR “MARIA”
One of the most famous and well-loved musicals ever to hit Broadway, West Side Story has never failed to capture an audience. The 1957 romantic musical tragedy was inspired by Romeo and Juliet, highlighting tension between two rival gangs: The Jets - a white American gang - and the Sharks - a Puerto Rican gang of immigrants. Founder of the Jets, Tony, tonight portrayed by Mikaela Jones, is invited by his friend to a dance. At the dance, Tony falls in love with Maria, the younger sister of the leader of the Sharks. Much like in the iconic Shakespeare play, the two fall in love at first sight. “Maria” is one of the most famous love songs in the world of musical theatre, and it follows Tony through his internal reckoning of his feelings for the girl he just met.

Emma S           FOR “ALL I CARE ABOUT”
The musical Chicago tells the tale of the jazz-obsessed murder trial of Roxie Hart. Amidst money, murder, and the roaring 20’s, “All I Care About” takes a break from the turmoil and deceit to take a walk on the luxurious side of the era. Having just killed her lover, Roxie needs the best lawyer money can buy, and he comes tonight in the form of Sofia Nuno. And now, ladies and gentleman, the silver-tongued prince of the courtroom, the one, the only, Billy Flynn!

Audrey           FOR “AMAZING MAYZIE”
Almost everyone in the audience has a favorite Dr Seuss book - one that brings them memories from their childhood, teaches valuable lessons, or has wacky and memorable characters. That’s exactly what inspired Seussical: the Musical which hit Broadway in 2000. Although the story centers around Horton the Elephant on his quest to save Whoville, Gertrude McFuzz, his lovesick bird neighbor (tonight played by David Kretz), is in need of some saving, herself. Mayzie La Bird, her friend (and tonight played by Oliver Greenleaf), teaches her a lesson about self-image in her signature song “Amayzing Mayzie”.

Patrick           FOR “WHAT I DID FOR LOVE”
The groundbreaking 1975 musical A Chorus Line centers around seventeen Broadway dancers auditioning for a spot in the chorus of a new show. A Chorus Line provides a glimpse into the personalities of the performers and the choreographer as they describe the events that have shaped their lives and their decisions to become dancers. In the song “What I Did for Love”, the actors are asked what they would do if they could no longer dance, and they all reply that, whatever happens, they will live a life free of regret.

Cabaret Backtracks

Magic to Do


What a Game

In My Own Little Corner

Lady Fair

Song That Goes Like This

I Believe in You

No Time At all

Do You Love Me?

Bright Side of Life

History of Wrong Guys

Come to a Party


All I Care About

Gertrude McFuzz/Amayzing Mayzie

Nothing (Peter's Song)

Tonight at Eight (Katie's Song)

What I Did For Love

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State Room Assignments

Please fill out the attached google form to list your preferences for people you'd like to be roomed with and the people you do not want to be roomed with.

State Room Assignment Preferences

Thursday, February 1, 2018