Saturday, December 9, 2017

Cabaret Callbacks

Hey all! If you were called back for the Miscast Cabaret, callbacks have been moved to TUESDAY from 3-5.

If you are interested in choreography for the Cabaret, then you need to be at callbacks at 4 pm to divvy up songs.

Any questions email

Friday, December 8, 2017

IE Information - Deadline is Here!

Hey Guys. This is the list of people who said they were interest in IE and what you were interested in. If you are on this list PLEASE email Mrs. Powell at with your name, whoever else is going it with you, what event you're doing, the name of the play or musical, the writer/composter, your email, and your phone number. If you are on this list and you don't want to be on this list or are not on this list and want to be on this list please let Mrs. Powell know that. 

Peter Davies, solo. "Tomorrow" from Annie by Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin. (555) 555-5555

- Patrick and Emma (duet)
- Patrick (solo)
- Michael (solo)
- Bradford (solo)
- Val Lopez (solo)
- Amelia C. (solo)
- David K (solo)
- Claudia, Jasmine, and Tina (trio)
- Ethan W (solo) (monologue)
- Elle (solo, group, monologues)
- Marc (solo)
- Marc, Oliver, Elliott (film)
- Peter, Katie (duet)
- Peter, Katie (duo scene)
- Peter, Katie, Elle, Marc (group song)
- Kateara, Alex and Conor and Jackson (scene or group)
- Alexandra (sound design, monologue)
- Kateara (solo and monologue)
- Conor (stage management)
- Tori (stage Management)
- Taylor and Bella (duet)
- Steven and Jackson (duo)
- Claire (solo or duo)
- Sofia (solo or duet)