Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Congrats on all the amazing auditions! We have a lot of talented people to work with.
The Cast list will be posted on Tuesday the 18th so check even if you weren't called back.

Miscast Callbacks
Callback sides will be posted on the Miscast callback on the blog.. Print pages for sides you are called for.
Caleb W
David K
Elliot G
Ethan W
Jason J
Jeevan S
Patrick M
Sam S

Audrey D
Audrianna H
Carys del Rosario
Christine L
Claire M
Cora M
Elliett A
Emma S
Hana B
Hannah D
Jadey O
Janelle P
Joanna J
Lauren D
Lilly P
Makayla T
Nikki S
Ryen G
Sofia N
Sophie S
Tina S
Victoria F
Zoe M

Little Women Callbacks
Sides for call backs are posted on the Little women musical tab on the blog, you do not need to print your acting sides but please print the music sides if you are called for them. Practice with others who have been called back to help you out, and be familiar with the sides.

Jo March- Christine L. Claire M. Jady, Ryen G. Taylor D. Victoria F.
Professor Bhaer- David K. Ethan W. Michael F. Patrick M.
Amy March- Bella H. Jadey O. Lilly P. Sofia N.
Meg March- Bella H. Emma S. Ivy A. Ryen G. Sophie S. Taylor D. Victoria F.
Beth March- Bella H. Christine L. Claire M. Jadey O. Ryen G. Sofia N. Taylor D. Victoria F.
Marmee March-Christine L. Claire M. Jady O. Ryen G. Taylor D. Victoria F.
Mr. Laurence-Eliott G. Ethan W. Jason J. Jeevan S. Patrick M. Sam S.
Laurie Laurence- David K. Michael F.
Aunt March- Bella H. Emma S. Ivy A. Taylor D. Victoria F.
Mr. John Brooke- David K. Ethan W. Jason J. Michael F. Patrick M.
Ms. Kirk- Emma S. Ivy A. Hannah D. Janelle P. Sophie S. Tina S. Tori M.
Clarissa- Emma S. Ivy A. Janelle P. Lily P. Sophie S. Tina S. Tori M.
Braxton-Eliott G. Jason J. Jeevan S. Patrick M.
Rodrigo- Eliott G. Jason J. Jeevan S. Patrick M.

Dance Call Today!

Everyone who auditioned Mon/Tues is expected to be at dance call today (Weds 12/12) in the Black Box from 3-6 p.m.

See you there!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Monday the 3rd
1st lunch:
Announcer: Patrick
Tickets: Ricky, Ethan
2nd Lunch: Sam, Winter, Victoriya (you decide who does what)
Tuesday the 4th
1st Lunch :
Announcer: Amy
Tickets: Tori, Victoriya
2nd Lunch:
Announcer: Val
Tickets: Sophie, Eliott, Max
Wednesday the 5th
1st lunch:
Announcer: Caleb
Tickets: Jeevan, David
2nd lunch:
Announcer: Victoriya
Tickets: Ricky, Zoe CM
Thursday the 6th
1st lunch:
Announcer: Indigo
Tickets: Sophia, Elliett
2nd Lunch:
Announcer: Jadey
Tickets: Hannah, Taylor, Makayla
Friday the 7th
1st lunch :
Announcer: Ethan
Tickets: Nikki, Sophia
2nd Lunch:
Announcer: Audrey
Tickets: Zoe CM, Emma
Monday the 10th
1st Lunch:
Announcer: Patrick
Tickets: Bella Hop, Elliett, Lily
2nd Lunch:
Announcer: Taylor
Tickets: Cora, Bella, Catherine
Tuesday the 11th
1st Lunch:
Announcer: Indigo
Tickets: Tori, Mikey
2nd Lunch:
Announcer: Jason
Tickets: Bella Hop, Max
Wednesday the 12th
1st Lunch:
Announcer: Victoria F.
Tickets: Hannah, Bella HV, Ryen
2nd Lunch:
Announcer: Winter
Tickets: Ivy, Katie R.
Thursday the 13th
1st lunch:
Announcer: Ivy
Tickets: Victoriya, Amy
2nd Lunch:
Announcer: Patrick
Tickets: Mikey, Zoe CM
Friday the 14th
1st Lunch :
Announcer: Bella HV
Tickets: Juni, Sophia
2nd Lunch:
Announcer: Jadey
Tickets: Sam, Hannah

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Monday, October 8, 2018

Tech Week Announcements 10/8


Boys vs. Girls Tech week so no period 7!

Dress up for another spirit week to help promote Boys vs. Girls!
Mon- Plaid Day
Tues- Blue Day
Weds- Pink Day (Breast Cancer Awareness!)
Thurs- Fancy Day
Fri- PJ Day

Lunch sales
Check the blog to see when you are signed up to sell tickets during lunch.
Remember that everyone will be graded for their participation in lunch sales.
A remind text will be sent every day.
Check in with Ms. Walker/Ms. Powell
in the Blackbox on MW and A132 on TuThFri to get the jars/buckets and to be graded.

Cast and crew of Boys vs. Girls, make sure that you have an ASB card,
fines paid, and all paperwork turned in so that you can participate in the production.
Remember that if you miss even one period of class,
you are not permitted to perform that evening.

I.E. pieces are due to Ms. Walker on Monday, October 15th!
Please email Ms. Walker ( the following information about your piece(s):
Students involved:
Piece type (i.e. costumes, monologue, duet, etc.):
Character portrayed:
Publisher (REQUIRED!!!):

For those of you who registered, College auditions are on Saturday, October 13th
at Roosevelt High School from 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Break a leg!
-          Monday
1st lunch
o   Set up - Caleb
o   Collectors – Victoria, Makayla, Patrick, David
o   Announcer - Hannah
2nd lunch
o   Announcer - Alexis
o   Collectors – eliott, Bella , Zoe, Nicki
o   Tally – Jason
-          Tuesday
1st lunch
o   Set up – Ivy
o   Collectors  - Eliett, Tori Mikey, Catherine
o   Announcer - Ashlyn
2nd lunch
o   Announcer - Jady
o   Collectors – Hannah, Lily, Jady, Max
o   Tally – Katie R
-          Wednesday
1st lunch
o   Set up – Ashlyn
o   Collectors – Ashlyn, Bella, David, Eliett
o   Announcer – Patrick
2nd lunch
o   Announcer – Victria
o   Collectors – Taylor, Ricky, Emma S, Audrey
o   Tally – Cora
-          Thursday
1st lunch
o   Set up - Sophie
o   Collectors – Indigo, tori, Ashlyn, Bella
o   Announcer – Ashlyn
2nd lunch
o   Announcer- Ethan
o   Collectors – Zoe, Victoria, Hannah, Bella red
O Tally – Ashton

  • Drew
  • Anouncer - Amy
  • Collectors - Victoria, Ashlyn,????
2nd - announcer - Patrick
  • Collectors - zoe, Ricky, Makayla, Sam
  • Zoe and Ricky