Tuesday, October 31, 2017

UTDS CAST - Stuff to do during rehearsals!

I want to fill the stage with realistic school projects, so I came up with something for you guys to do if you're not being used during rehearsals.

Here are a bunch of poems I found that were written before 1967 and that I thought Sylvia would teach in her English class.

Every student MUST choose one poem (or more) and re-write it on a piece of lined paper or printer paper. On the paper, you can get creative and either make a border or draw an illustration that is relevant to the poem. These should be colorful and creative. Somewhere on the paper, write the first and last name of your character and "period 1 English, Miss Barrett". Adults may also do one if they want!

The idea behind this is to create set dressings that look like actual assignments, so please make it look like you care about your grade. You do not need to analyze these poems, just illustrate them.

Monday, October 23, 2017

IE Information Link

Here's the Washington State Thespians Individual Events website.

The most helpful tabs are the "IE Guidelines - AT A GLANCE" and the "National Individual Events Guide EdTA" right underneath the image at the top of the page. These should answer your basic questions about IE, the guide EdTA has all of the rules and regulations.

At the bottom of the page are all of the rubrics for every single event you can participate in.

Drama Interests Google Form

Google Form

Friday, October 13, 2017

Boys vs Girls Poster

Hey all! Screenshot or save this poster that Ivy made and post it all over to advertise the show! Instagram, Facebook, Tweet, and Snapchat to your heart's content

BvG Spirit Days

Let's all show some drama spirit and get people hyped for Boys vs Girls! Next week is our 4 day spirit week while the show is in tech, and here are the days:

Monday - pajama day

Tuesday - autumn colors/Halloween costumes

Wednesday - pink out for Breast Cancer Awareness

Thursday - formal/fancy day. SHOW curtain at 7! Admission is free!

Friday - NO SCHOOL. SHOW curtain at 7! Admission is free!

Make sure you bring your friends and families to support our drama program and the amazing work the cast and crew of BvG has put into the show. Also donate to the Boys vs Girls money jars at lunches to insure that your favorite show wins!