Boys vs Girls 2018

Here is the rehearsal schedule for boys vs girls! Just keep in mind that there will be changes and a Saturday rehearsal if needed. I will send out remind texts if changes do end up occuring. If you're not on remind, please text @bvg2018 to the number 81010

Most of our rehearsals will be in the black box unless mentioned


  • 1̶0̶/̶1̶ ̶-̶ ̶G̶i̶r̶l̶s̶ ̶3̶-̶5̶
  • 1̶0̶/̶2̶ ̶-̶ ̶B̶o̶y̶s̶ ̶3̶-̶5̶
  • 10/3 - Girls 3-5
  • 10/4 - Boys 3-5
  • 10/5 - Everyone 3-5
  • 10/6 - Homecoming night! 
  • 10/8 TECH WEEK everyone 2-6
  • 10/9 TECH WEEK everyone 2-6
  • 10/10 TECH WEEK everyone 2-7
  • 10/11 PERFORMANCE @ 7
  • 10/12 PERFORMANCE @ 7
*on the day of the performances, you will need to show up to school by 5 PM*

Hello! We are so excited to work on our first play of the year! The process of this show would be short and quick but if we all work hard it'll be amazing! Below is all the important dates you need to know for the show:


  • 9/10 First day of drama club 2-3PM in Black box theatre
  • 9/12 Audition workshop/info 2-3 PM in Black box theatre
  • 9/17 Auditions 2-5? Black box theatre
  • 9/18 BvG callbacks 3-5? Black box theatre
  • 9/20 First rehearsal 3-5 Black box theatre
  • 9/24 Contract and show fee is due to stage manager
  • 10/3 Girls off book day
  • 10/4 Boys off book day
  • 10/8-10/10 Tech week
  • 10/11-10/12 BvG performance

Here is a general rehearsal schedule for the first couple of weeks:

Girls BB 3-5
Boys BB 3-5
Girls BB 3-5
Boys BB 3-5
Everyone BB

Reminder that if you are going to miss a rehearsal contact the stage manager preferably a week ahead of time. Contact information should be in your script.

  • Make sure that you check both cast lists to see if you got in, even if you did not get called back for a role.
  • If you are in the cast, please pick up your binder in A130 (not during Mr. L’s class!) by the end of the school day this Thursday. If you do not pick up your script we will assume that you are declining your role.
  • If you did not get cast, you are wonderful and talented and we hope that you continue to stay involved in drama!
  • MANDATORY PARENT MEETING! Tuesday, September 25th 6-7 p.m.
  • All actors will have rehearsal this Thursday (September 20th) from 2-5 p.m. in the Black Box.

Dylan- Caleb W.
Brock- Patrick M.
Phil- Max R.
Jake- Alex F.
Dylan’s Mom- Sky C.

Stephanie- Jadey O.
Julie- Tiffany SP.
Audrey- Cora M.
Sydney- Hannah D.

Here is the tentative tech list for Boys vs Girls! Please contact Alissa (stage manager) if:
  • you signed a Tech form but want to switch, add, or drop a tech role
  • you did not sign a tech form but would like to help out with a tech role
Alissa's (stage manager) contact info:

  • 206-747-9473 (recommended) 

FOH- Allie L.
Promotions- Tori M.
Costumes- Ivy A.
Hair and Makeup- Ivy A.
Props- Ricky C. , Fabricio A.
Lights- TBA
Sound- TBA
Ushers- Mikey F., Zac S, Andrew Z, Jason J, Shaun G
Tech Hands- Ashlyn M. Sophie M

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