Wednesday, September 19, 2018

  • Make sure you check both cast lists to see if you got in, even if you didn't get called back for a role 
  • If you are cast, please pick up your binder in A130 (not during Mr. L's class!) by the end of the school day this Thursday. If you do not pick up your script we will assume that you are declining your role.
  • If you did not get cast, you are wonderful and talented and we hope that you continue to stay in Drama!
  • MANDATORY PARENT MEETING! Tuesday, Sept. 25th 6-7pm
  • Our first rehearsal is Monday Sept. 24th from 3-5pm in A130


Duncan-Vinny F.
Malcolm- Elliett A.
Macbeth- Eliott G.
Banquo- Maddie W.
Macduff- Ethan W.
Lennox- Victoriya I.
Ross- Zoe A.
Angus- Elizabeth Z.
Siward- Zoe M.
Fleance/Young Macduff- Rachael K.
Seyton- Alexis R.
Lady Macbeth- Emma S.
Lady Macduff- Ryen G. **Pending- needs to speak to Ms. Powell**
Witch 1- Sophie S.
Witch 2- Bella H.
Witch 3- Tiffany SP
A Doctor- Nikki S.
A Bloody Sergeant- Patrick M.
The Porter- Jeevan S.
Murderer 1- Alex F.
Murderer 2- Max R.
A Messenger- Bella H.



Please email The stage manager at in order to switch
or be added to the list
FOH- Ashlyn M.
Promotions- TBA
Costumes- Ivy A.
Hair and Makeup- TBA
Props- Mikey Frary, Jason J.
Lights- Caleb W.
Sound- Indigo S.
Set- Zac Sinnes, Andrew Z.
ASM- Alissa G.
Ushers- Shaun G., Fabricio A., Ricky C.
Tech Hands - Tori M., Allie L., Sophie M.

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